Monday, May 2, 2011

Academics (May 2nd-6th)

Story: The Story of a Blue Bird
Concept: Birds
Comprehension: Fantasy and Reality
Phonics: er {her}, ir {stir}, & ur {burn}
Sight Words: from, sister, walked, mother, & brother
Study Skill: Using a Library Computer {title, author, & subject} 
Other Skills: Compound Words and Summarizing

List 5-8: bird, girl, first, burn, hurt, were, from, sister, mother, & brother
Bonus: adventure

Lesson 8-6: One and Ten Less/One and Ten More
Lesson 8-7: Comparing Numbers
Lesson 8-8: Number-Line Estimation: Numbers to 100
Lesson 8-9: Ordering Three Numbers
Lesson 8-10: Hundreds
Rocket Math {daily}
Math Vocabulary: less than ( < ), more than ( > ), equal to ( = ), least, greatest, & hundreds


Enrichment Writing
Maybelle the cockroach will begin coming home with kiddos this week, your child will be responsible for writing about Maybelle's adventure while at your house.  Please feel free to take photographs and send them in or you may email me the digital photos.

Chapter Book
Maybelle Goes to Tea by Katie Speck

Upcoming Themed Units:
Frogs and Toads
Zoo Animals

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